What's happening over here!

Ok, today is June 4, 2020. At this point I expected to be fully planted but due to unforeseen circumstances with my experiment in "Back to Eden" gardening, I have tons of starts that are too old to sell and had nowhere to plant them. I did end up with some free topsoil from projects being done here, so that got me to thinking that in these times i gotta keep growing and i decided to till. But the tiller won't start. Pray for me.

What I have been able to do is build my own fencing. Add trees to the orchard and continue to collect and sell eggs from my pampered black chicks. (If you haven't gotten any please realize that my first duty is to my parents, family, and their friends and i haven't gotten around to all of them!) Overall, there are too many days left in the season here in zone 5b to give up now.

More to come!

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