What's going on in the World!

No one could have ever expected for things to go so far left, but here we are! Civil Rights unrest, pandemic, high jobless rates and food shortages looming on the horizon. Not to mention sheltering in place and masks.

Jesus is coming back eventually, so first and foremost, even though we pray this isn't the end of the world, get your life right.

After that the whole of America needs to see that all of this confusion leading up to an election is designed to take our minds off of the election and all of the ways that Donald Trump could cheat to stay in power. I would love to see all Americans have a unified uprising and make America over brand new as a country that takes peace, equality and sustainability and makes them their highest values.

I'm just a humble farmer lady, and i'm doing my part and being the change I want to see. I pray that you do the same.

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