Thanks for all the love

Man, things are slowly getting back on track around here. I'm overwhelmed by the attention and support that I'm receiving and I just wanted to blog a bit to say thank you. The ultimate goal is to have chicken, eggs, bouquets of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs, honey and milk all available fresh to my community from my back yard. I'm half way through the first year of farm #3 and not there yet, but I keep versus like "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" in my heart and quotes like, "You'll overestimate what you can get done in your first year and underestimate what you can accomplish by year three", on my mind. Which is to say that I remain hopeful.

Being hopeful for me is a huge accomplishment, because while I was born an everlasting optimist, the devil has sought to relieve me of this attribute at every turn and struggle I've faced in life, and there have been a few. I've even fallen victim to the throws of depression, struggling within myself because the damage I'd taken on caused clouds that were so all encompassing that there seemed like there would be no recovery.

But GOD. Not only can i see the shores of recovery, but i again have hope that I will make it there one day. I praise God for this hope, because it is an anointing to the soil that stops the clouds from forming on impact. I've been through so much to get here that I know that God will lead me to tell the story at some point, and i can promise, it's like one you never heard.

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