God before all else

Before I teach anyone anything, I want to teach you to evangelize, which is, simply stated, winning people to Christ. As you may know I have many faults and sins, but am Saved through Christ, and assured of my everlasting life. This assuredness gives me peace in my days that surpasses all understanding.

To evangelize, I advise that you practice walking up to strangers and asking them whether they would go to heaven if their heart stopped. Listen to the response and acknowledge if you understand them and then share Romans 10:9 and or John 3:16. Don't do it if you're not going to look them up and know what they say yourself.

Now here comes the important part, pray with that person that God blesses them, annoints their path and is glorified, right after you pray for repentance and that Jesus Christ is Lord, residing in their heart.

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